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Premium Woodchipping Services to Enhance the Beauty and Sustainability of Your Outdoor Spaces.

Transforming Your Landscaping Waste Into Valuable Resources

By repurposing organic materials and producing nutrient-rich mulch, we contribute to a sustainable future while enhancing soil health and promoting healthy plant growth. 

Why Choose Woodchipping?

Woodchipping services efficiently manage and dispose of wood waste from landscaping projects, saving time and effort. The resulting wood chips and mulch enhance landscapes sustainably, reducing landfill waste and promoting eco-friendly practices.

Woodchipping Has Never Been Easier...


Wood Waste Collection

We begin by collecting wood waste from various sources, such as tree removals, land clearing projects, or construction sites.​

Our team then carefully sorts and separates the wood waste, ensuring that only suitable materials are processed for woodchipping.


Advanced Woodchipping Equipment

We utilise state-of-the-art wood chippers that are specifically designed for efficient and precise wood chipping.

Our equipment can handle a wide range of wood waste, from branches and logs to timber scraps and other wood materials.


The Woodchipping Process

The collected wood waste is fed into the wood chipper, which shreds the material into consistent and uniform wood chips. 


Our skilled operators ensure that the wood chips meet the desired specifications in terms of size, texture, and quality.

Our Woodchipping Work

Why Use JW Riley For Woodchipping Services?

Our woodchipping services cater to diverse clients, including commercial enterprises, farmers, and agricultural operations. We specialise in clearing hedges, thinning woodlands, and site clearance, ensuring environmentally responsible disposal.

Partnering with us provides the advantage of operated hire, utilising our Heizohack 8-400K chipper without ownership responsibilities.

Our skilled operators maximise efficiency and productivity for your project. You also gain access to high-quality wood chips, suitable for biomass fuel and organic weed suppression, offering eco-friendly alternatives.

Ready For Woodchipping Services?

Embrace eco-friendly practices with JW Riley Contracting's sustainable woodchipping solutions. Our team efficiently manages and disposes of wood waste, providing a clean and prepared ground for your project.

Why wait any longer? Contact us today to receive a FREE no-obligation quote. 

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