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Big Site Clearance Project

Tree Shearing, Hedge Coppicing & Wood Chipping in East Anglia

For this project we cleared a belt of conifer trees due to limited access, the trees were felled with chainsaws working alongside D.T Timber on this contract and our TMK tree shear. We removed and stockpiled with a pair of excavators fitted with timber grabs. The felled material was then chipped with our Heizohack 8-400k wood chipper and sent away for biomass through Greenhaul and the site was raked clean, leaving a tidy finish.

We had previously coppiced the hedgerow with our tree shear and are able to offer a complete service from start to finish. We were working with another local contractor Unimog and trailer to cart away the wood chip. Zak Branch Ltd, Professional Tree Surgery. Firewood & Fencing Services.

Another brilliant job finished after lots of hard work.

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